Fall Family

Fall Family
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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

In Christ, there are no Goodbye

It's been a pretty emotional week. I'm sure everyone reading this knows that my friend, Courtney had her precious Ella on Monday. I'm so glad she allowed me to be a part of her day. What a joy it was to share with my friend that bittersweet day. I think we all prepared ourselves as best as possible given the situation. But, I will never forget sitting in the waiting room the moment we got the text message that read...3lbs. 11 oz. 15 in. long. Nobody breathed! All that was going through my mind was "how is everyone?" Not too long after that (but seemed like an eternity) the nurse came in to get Brighton, Lily and Lilah (Ella's siblings). We waited for them to come back and then sent the grandparents in. Finally, it was my turn! I went it to see them really not knowing what to expect. And what I saw was Courtney (beautiful as ever) holding this beautiful little baby girl! When I looked at Ella, I saw perfection! She had a beautiful hat on and a tiny little outfit that read, "Little Sister." That baby girl has made more of an impact in her short time on Earth than most people that live long lives. And what awesome parents Ella was blessed with!! What an awesome friend I was blessed with!! God sure does know what He is doing when he puts two people in the same paths. I can't wait for the day when I make it to heaven and get to hold her in my arms again!! I'm sure I will have to fight her momma and daddy for the chance. Oh what a day that will be!!

What I am struggling with is this...I have had countless people send me messages and text me, "Is there anything I can do?" I don't know what to say because I struggle with that myself..."What can I do to ease the pain?" Too bad there is not a Book of Life that tells you step-by-step instructions on how to be a good friend and what to do in tragic situations.

I want Courtney to know that I am here for her. I believe she knows that I love her and that I am here for her NO MATTER what! I would do anything for that family!! I think prayers are about the only thing that can help mend broken hearts. And I have prayed nonstop!!

On another note...

My Grandpa Wallen passed away on Ella's day. He was a great man of God!! He was the kindest person I knew. My Grandma Jean loved him very much! And he made her so happy the last years of her life. I got the message early in the morning on Tuesday. Jake came into the bathroom and I was just standing there sobbing. He said, "What's wrong with you?" When I told him what happened he said, "I'm sorry." I told him it was tears of joy. Grandpa was so ready to be with Jesus. I was overwhelmed with emotion as I thought of the reunion between him, his son (Randy), his wife (Wanda) and my Grandma Jean. What a glorious day that was!!

All that comes to mind right now is this song...