Fall Family

Fall Family
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Thursday, May 23, 2013

It is almost time!

It is so hard to believe that Brantley will be here in exactly one week! Life is going to be SO different for us. I'm looking forward to this new adventure but I also find myself getting a little nervous to start all over again. I forget how expensive babies are. I spoke with Brantley's baby sitter yesterday. I've been so spoiled with Bright Beginnings. We never had to pay during the summer and she always held our spot. But, now with our new sitter we have to suck it up and pay whether he goes or not. :( I'm glad Halle will be starting Kindergarten in the fall. I am very thankful the timing worked out perfectly. Otherwise we would be paying for two in daycare! YIKES!

This pregnancy has been so different from Halle. As I reflect over the past 9 months, I can't think of anything that stands out to be just awful! I remember when I was carrying Halle how miserable I got at the end. The last 5 weeks were just torture! The swelling was awful and my weight gain was disgusting! This time around I was sick a little longer at the beginning but overall I have nothing at all to complain about. I have almost NO swelling now at 38 weeks. My poor feet were pretty bad those last couple of weeks of working but since we have been off from school they almost look normal! The only thing that I could possibly complain about is my sleeping. It is so uncomfortable and I am up at least 3 times a night going to the bathroom. I know this is all normal and it is definitely preparing me for what lies ahead (middle of the night feedings). I just can't wait to actually wake up to a cute little baby instead of the aches and pains! LOL!

Some things I am looking foward to after next week:

Sleeping on my stomach
Losing the baby weight
Wearing Cute Clothes again
Wearing Cute Shoes again
Walking Normal (No More Waddle)
Sleeping Comfortably
Seeing my normal skinny feet
Bending over without my huge belly getting in the way
No more Nose bleeds
Being able to do everyday chores without getting tired
Having energy again

Things my husband is looking forward to after next week:

He won't have to be the only one changing the litter box
I can work in the yard with him spreading mulch (Fun, Fun!)
NO MORE SNORING! (He hopes...;)) LOL! Apparently I snore awful right now!

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Mother's Day--The difference a year can make!

When I woke up this morning, memories of last Mother's Day flooded my mind.

I was starting to feel overwhelmed because we had just about hit our 1 year mark TTC. I was an emotional wreck. It absolutely consumed every ounce of me. I researched on the internet daily. I read book after book and tried everything possible. My poor husband was swallowing 6 "horse-sized" pills a day because I read somewhere that it would help. I believed in my heart that God had a plan for our lives and I knew it had to include another baby. But, I was getting weary...and even a little bitter at times. I felt like my prayer was never going to get answered and I even found myself not praying about it anymore. I knew that God had heard my prayer. He knew my heart and I just needed to be still.

Fast forward two months later to my niece's birthday party. Still not pregnant and it was just announced that my brother and his wife were expecting their 4th child. It was all I could do not to fall apart in front of everyone. I did my best to keep it together until I got in the car and Jake asked me if I was o.k. I wasn't o.k. and I tried very hard to not let bitterness consume me. Unfortunately it did for awhile. I was always close with my sister-in-law but now we had this barrier between us. I will never forget something that Jake said in the car on the way home from that birthday party. He said, "Krista, just because we can't have a baby doesn't mean that everyone else around us should stop." I knew he was right but I was just hurting. I was surrounded by pregnant women and I didn't know how to deal with the emotions and pain of it all.

Two months later we found out on September 25 that we were expecting.

And now, just a few weeks away from welcoming our sweet baby boy. I knew God would answer our prayer one day and I am so thankful that He did.

Today, I feel incredibly blessed and not deserving of this miracle we are about to meet. I find myself thinking about all of my friends who are still facing this huge mountain in their lives. I remember the pain just as if it were yesterday. My prayers are for each and every one of them to get their miracle! My hope and prayer is that next Mother's Day they will each get to wake up to the sound of a crying baby or pains in their hips (like me)to remind them of the prayer that was finally answered.

Happy Mother's Day, in faith, to all my sisters who are still praying and believing!