Fall Family

Fall Family
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Saturday, December 29, 2012

"Only Child Synodrome"

I read a saying just recently that I will paraphrase because I can't remember exactly word for word what it said. It went a long the lines of...if your child is wanting you to give them attention...Play Candy Land, make Necklaces, Play Barbies, stop what you are doing and give them 5 minutes. And they will give you an hour and 5 minutes in return, for you to do what you want.

This little saying kind of hit home to me. I don't know how many times Halle has asked me to play with her and my response 90% of the time is..."Hang on a second!" or "As soon as I finish _________." I always feel guilty because unlike all of her cousins she doesn't have anybody to play with or anybody to entertain her...except for me and Jake. She is not a child who entertains herself. It is hard for me to understand this because I was a child who liked being by myself. Sure, I loved playing with my brothers but I also really liked playing in my room by myself with Barbies and Baby Dolls. Not my Bug! She NEVER leaves my side. If I am in the kitchen, she is underfoot ready to help! Don't get me wrong, I love my little sidekick but things are quickly about to change for her. I guess in a way I am glad she isn't going to have the "Only Child Syndrome" much longer. She is used to getting her way. She is used to having ALL of the attention ALL of the time. She is demanding in EVERY way! I know I am making my child seem like a monster...really she is not. I believe she is just like every other Only Child.

So, I've tried this little theory out while at home with her for the past week. It actually holds some truth. I don't know if I got an entire hour and 5 minutes but I know she was satisfied for quite awhile. I am making it my mission to drop whatever I am doing and give her some of the attention she is so desperately wanting...afterall, her world will be changing in about 5 months...for the better, of course!! I just hope she sees it that way. ;)

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Woody Wilson is on the way!!!

At my 12 week ultrasound, the technician was scanning over all the parts and I was asking LOTS of questions. I decided to do the genetic testing and I kind of knew some of the questions to ask. My best friend had a child with anencephaly and my nephew has downs. A lot of people disagree with these series of tests. I guess I understand if your whole intent was to terminate the pregnancy but I just simply wanted to know. It didn't matter what the results said, I would carry the baby to term! My results came in today and everything was NEGATIVE...PraisetheLORD!!

So, at my 12 week scan I was pretty sure I saw something...as in a little boy part! So, I asked..."What exactly are we looking at?" She had two images on the screen. One arms and one legs. And there was definitely something between the legs! She said, "Don't go paint the nursery but I am pretty sure your husband is going to be happy!" I didn't want to tell anybody because I really wanted to do the big reveal. Jake thinks the reveal thing is stupid...but I thought it was fun!

I wasn't very good and the "secret" thing. People ask WAY too many questions! "What do you think you are having?" I'd immediately say "Boy"...Once I got it confirmed people would ask, "What does Jake think?" As if I am going to fall for that one! hehe...sure everyone knew that Daddy would love to have a boy! So, I tried to play it off. Not sure if anybody fell for it. It seemed like most everyone guessed boy. I had a few girl voters.

I was pretty sure that we were going to have another girl when I first found out we were expecting. Without going into details...Medically speaking...everything pointed to girl. I am still in awe of our wonderful God and His miraculous ways!! This past spring,I blogged about a particular day when we were told that God had showed a friend of ours a little boy playing in our living room. At the time, I didn't care at all if the whole boy thing was correct...I just wanted a baby so bad and I remember feeling so overwhelmed with peace. Now, looking back I shouldn't be shocked at all that we are expecting a boy. Afterall, our entire testimony is pretty unbelievable!!

So, for now we will refer to our little bundle of joy as Woody. Chosen by big sister, Halle! I believe Woody Wilson has a great ring to it!! :)