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Fall Family
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Monday, September 5, 2011

Blessed Beyond Measure!!

I know I haven't written a blog in quite sometime. I'm not even sure if anybody really reads it but every once in awhile I like to sit down and put my thoughts out there. It helps me deal with things going on in my head.

Today, is such a beautiful Labor Day. I don't remember the last Labor Day that was quite this perfect! It is so nice to walk outside and feel a nice cool breeze. It was nice to put on my hoodie this morning and play with Halle while Daddy mowed the lawn. It is days like today that make me sit back and thank God for all of the blessings he has given us. I have done absolutely nothing to deserve any of it. But, that is the awesome thing about our God. He blesses us even when we are so unworthy!

I have a beautiful, healthy daughter! My husband is way more than I could have ever dreamed of. And we are both blessed with good paying jobs. I just don't know how it could get any better than that. There is no reason I should have any of those blessings other than MY GOD!!

As I was reading status updates on Facebook, I was kind of disappointed. Disappointed with all the negativity. I was always taught if you don't have something nice to say, don't say anything at all. Why do we get so wrapped up in drama? We get wrapped up in issues (political, educational, economical). People just LOVE to post about their views because it starts debate. D-R-A-M-A! It's disgusting! Why can't we just love one another just as Christ loves us? I will never understand why people like to debate things...TO me DEBATE=DRAMA! Why do we have to worry about what all of our so called friends think? And God forbid if someone defriends us! Big whoopie deal!! Is it really that important to have 600+ friends? Do you really have that many friends? No--what you have are that many people that you allow to Facebook stalk you! I'm as guilty as the next guy! I just wish that we could stop for a moment before we press that SHARE button. Think to yourself...is this worthy of SHARING with the Facebook world. Is this meant to be funny, make people laugh, or thought provoking? Or do I want all of my "Facebook Friends" to share in my misery?

There are so many issues that people are dealing with...heartbreaking issues. Instead of causing drama on Facebook, why don't we take time out and pray for one another. I like what Nikki Fincher wrote today about challenging everyone on her friends list to-- when you leave a comment on someone's post or wall--say a little prayer for them. You have no idea what they are going through.

I'll stop now. I am just having one of those "Positive Pearl" days that my friend, Annie hates!! HAHA!! I think it's this weather!! BEAUTIFUL!!

Happy Labor Day!!