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Fall Family
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Friday, October 12, 2012

Ignorance is Bliss

It is time to make sure that all five toilets are clean!! The morning sickness arrived this week. While the feeling of nauseousness is no fun, I am embracing it! As soon as my eyes open in the morning I am reminded of this miracle that God gave us! I am still in absolute amazement of just how much Jesus loves me! How perfect His timing is!!

I've spent the last two weeks doing blood draw after blood draw, taking shot after shot and swallowing a ton of pills! Again, I will never complain without also adding, "Thank you, Jesus." This time around I have such a great appreciation of it all. I know it sounds strange that I am thanking Jesus for my morning sickness, and I am praising him for the needle sticks. But, the Bible does say, Count it ALL joy! And I have so much joy in my life I can hardly contain myself!

Today, a really close friend received some terrible news. She had texted her sister-in-law because she was going to find out what the gender of her baby was. My friend told me today at lunch that she hadn't heard back from her yet. I mentioned that the 20 week ultrasound always makes me a little nervous because that is usually when they find things that could be genetically wrong and so on. During lunch she got a message back that said they had lost the baby and were sending her to delivery. My heart just ached & I felt so sick to my stomach.

Fear washed over me. I think it is a completely natural feeling to have when you are 6 weeks pregnant and hear news like that. It is crazy how when I was pregnant with Halle just 5 years ago, I never worried about a thing. It never occurred to me that something could go wrong. But, I have watched close friends & family deal with such tragedy over the last couple of years. My friend, Courtney said, "You are much wiser now." I guess it is true what they say, "Ignorance is bliss!" & Google Search is the enemy!! Just sayin'

I choose not to live in fear! I believe with my whole heart that God has chosen this child for wonderful things. I've prayed for this baby for 16+ months! "It" will be blessed! Life is good!! God is greater!! ;)

**Please be in prayer for this family that is dealing with a terrible loss. My heart aches for them all!